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  • Never Forsaken

    On May 16 and 17, I had my rebirthday. I was reborn with a new immune system. I was given another fighting chance in life... Looking back to my month-long hospitalization, from May 9 to June 10, I see that I was never forsaken. God was with me in that hospital room, and God continues to be with me.

    July 31, 20206 min read
  • Fire

    I am still refractory, still resistant. But, I still have that quiet confidence in the deepest recesses of my heart that God will heal me. I may not fully understand God but I know He is with me in this fire and me in this fire will bring glory to Him as written in the verse above.

    December 02, 20193 min read
  • Take Heart

    My heart was filled with so much gratitude but my mind was being attacked by the devil—I am flawed, I am a sinner, and I am not a good person. I had to take captive of my thoughts—I am loved, I am forgiven, and I am redeemed. This is God’s grace, an unmerited favor!

    May 15, 20195 min read
  • Still

    I could not count the times I begged the Lord to help me be still because I know I must ask for endurance and not for an easy journey. I keep telling myself to hold on to the Lord—to His promises—when truthfully, all this time, He has been the one holding me.

    November 21, 20184 min read
  • Ice Chips

    I understood how science see the numbers, the chances, the probabilities, and the statistics. But, I am not a statistic. I don’t want the length of my life determined by chances. I told her my faith simply tells me I will live. I looked at the options again and chose the longest option. 10 years and above.

    November 01, 20183 min read
  • Losing Hair, Growing Faith

    She mentioned the 4 reasons patients at this stage may choose to stop undergoing chemotherapy. The patient cannot tolerate the side effects, chemotherapy is not working, the condition is not improving nor worsening, or the patient simply chooses not to. But, I thought of a fifth reason. The patient is healed.

    October 02, 20188 min read
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