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  • Breathe

    Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. That was all that I could think of as I gasp for air. I wanted to lash out but I couldn’t even cry because I know it will be more difficult to breathe. Would I take my last breath soon? God, would this be my earthly end?

    October 15, 20194 min read
  • Hope

    He then went on telling me how I should be doing my bucket list already. I was appalled but thought that maybe he really just want me to enjoy life. Before he left, he told me that he admires my optimism. He added that others would be asking for divine intervention. Well, I answered, “Me too, Doc.”

    December 07, 20186 min read
  • Still

    I could not count the times I begged the Lord to help me be still because I know I must ask for endurance and not for an easy journey. I keep telling myself to hold on to the Lord—to His promises—when truthfully, all this time, He has been the one holding me.

    November 21, 20184 min read
  • Losing Hair, Growing Faith

    She mentioned the 4 reasons patients at this stage may choose to stop undergoing chemotherapy. The patient cannot tolerate the side effects, chemotherapy is not working, the condition is not improving nor worsening, or the patient simply chooses not to. But, I thought of a fifth reason. The patient is healed.

    October 02, 20188 min read
  • A Crisis called Cancer

    Overwhelmed, I told her that I didn’t understand how a benign biopsy escalated to cancer. She explained that invasiveness is a malignant activity and my tumor was invasive so it should’ve been treated as malignant or as cancer.

    August 31, 20186 min read
  • The Beginning of a Crisis

    I once read that God allows crisis in our lives to bring us into a deep, deep faith. My crisis began in grace—the detection of the tumor in my anterior mediastinum was incidental, but I saw it as the first miracle in this journey.

    August 17, 20185 min read
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