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  • Highs and Lows

    As 2022 unfolded, I held on to a new word for the year—stewardship. I hoped to steward the time, talent, treasure, and truth that God has entrusted in me—He extended my time on earth, allowed me to return to graduate school, placed wonderful people in my life, and strengthened my relationship with Jesus.

    March 04, 20235 min read
  • God's But

    I knew that life—more so, life with cancer—is a marathon, not a sprint. I knew that recovery is not linear. I knew that I have to keep pressing on. I knew that I have to be patient. I knew. But I still struggled.

    October 11, 20212 min read
  • Healing and Miracles

    Entering 2021, I hope for more healing and miracles. I hope to embody a character and a perspective that are pleasing to God. And I hope that whatever lies ahead, I will be able to always respond in faith.

    January 06, 20216 min read
  • Losing Hair, Growing Faith

    She mentioned the 4 reasons patients at this stage may choose to stop undergoing chemotherapy. The patient cannot tolerate the side effects, chemotherapy is not working, the condition is not improving nor worsening, or the patient simply chooses not to. But, I thought of a fifth reason. The patient is healed.

    October 02, 20188 min read
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