October 2019

Mobility is one of the things I struggled with in cancer treatment. I now own a walker and a wheelchair.

I experienced being bedridden for weeks and thought of toileting as a privilege. I experienced crippling fatigue.

As I brace myself for another long stay at the hospital (at least 3 weeks) for the transplant, I can't help but fear. The trauma is indescribable; I just feel it in my bones.

Nevertheless, I tell myself to be a rememberer.

Remember the generosity of a lot of people. Remember fellow warriors battling cancer. Remember the mercy and graces of God. Remember how far you've come.

Well, this "glow up" speaks that. Before, that was me staring outside the hospital window in a wheelchair. Now, this is me sunbathing in the same wheelchair. Take that, cancer!

April 2020