Period Calendar

Last night, I had my period.

My last menstrual period was on August 2018, when I was undergoing CAP chemotherapy. All the drugs in this treatment protocol are linked to the risk of infertility in females.

Fertility is one of the issues in cancer treatment, especially for the adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer. But, I was not counseled about this. Maybe because I am unmarried? Maybe because it was the least of our concerns? That time, we believed my treatment was palliative.

I only became aware about “fertility and cancer treatment” when I saw fellow AYAs with cancer in Instagram post about it.

I know that the return of my menses doesn’t really mean I’m fertile. Heck, I’m not even sure if this is really a “return”. I just want to mark yesterday because it’s been 20 months, and raise awareness about this issue.

  • Be your own advocate.
  • Ask for counseling.
  • Seek for options.

When I told my oncologist about my period, he said that this is normal because my current treatment protocol doesn’t suppress menstruation. But, I hope to have a transplant and I read that the high-dose chemotherapy during bone marrow or stem cell transplant may cause infertility.

Nevertheless, I remain grateful. When the spirit thrives, the body thrives as well.